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Agni Prash is a unique pack contains three magical products which help consumers feel the worth of it. It is a perfect ayurvedic love health supplement which helps boosting up the lost desires, keeps your love duration longer and blesses you with unmatched pleasure throughout.

A Perfect supplement which arises your love desires by giving you extra stamina, enormous power and ultimate satisfaction. It is a 100% ayurvedic product which has no side effects. So grab it today. Keep enjoying your love life with “Agni Prash.”

Herbal Agni Prash comes packed with very very special Agni Prash, Agni Prash love Power Capsules and the ultimate Agni Prash Lotion Oil.



It is a best dietary supplement which is used to come over with so many serious love related issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotency. It works as a buy ambien american express perfect herbal Aphrodisiac. People facing mental and physical weakness can get ultimate benefits out of it.It rises the love desires in both the genders and gives them memorable experience and joy being together for a life time.It persuades people towards the extreme of erotic intimacy and let them embrace each other with more enthusiasm than before. Now people don’t have to be panic with the love dissatisfaction in their life because Agni Prash brings them to the new definitions of love. Henceforth you would always find your partners by your side. It will treasure your life with more fun.



Agni Prash Love power capsules will give you extra power, unlimited stamina and extra strength for longer love.Now a days hectic and busy life style cause mantel stress and tension within the individual which leads to the deficiency or lack of physical intimacy. It eventually effects your love life and destroys your relationship. Agni Prash Love power capsule is an inherent gift presented by nature which helps in increasing libido and revives you out of mental and physical stress.It is formulated from safed musli which is widespread known as best Indian Aphrodisiac. As being formed from the best ayurvedic herbs and extracted under the sharp eyes of great scholars of ayurveda, it is 100 % safe and effective herbal medicine which will start revealing its effects from the very first day people use it.



Agni Prash Lotion is a unique personal lubricant which is formed for all those who are facing problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, impotency, physical weakness and problems with the size of their internal organs .It can also be useful to females. They will use it as a lubricant which ignites their lost desires. With the use of this lotion, men and women both get heat up and feel the ultimate passion and intimacy for long time.they get charged up and ready to get lost in Agni Prash. It is 100% herbal unlike other chemical products with having no side-effects.


Ashwagandha 250 mg
Satawar 250 mg
Kawanch 100 mg
Safed Musli 100 mg
Beej Band 200 mg
Vidarikand 100 mg
Mulethi 100 mg
Uttangan 100 mg
Gangneran 100 mg
Munakka 100 mg
Akarkara 100 mg
Shankhpushpi 100 mg
Sonth 100 mg
Gokhru 100 mg
Shilajit 100 mg
Talmakhana 50 mg
Tejpatra 50 mg
Brahmi 50 mg
Dalchini 50 mg
Piplamool 50 mg
Jaiphal 50 mg
Laung 25 mg
Mirch 20 mg
Pippal 20 mg
Nagkesar 15 mg
Javitri 15 mg
Elaichi 4 mg
Kesar 1 mg
Pathan Mool 50 mg
Gambhari Mool 50 mg
Arni Mool 50 mg
Sona Patha 50 mg
Khareti Bala 50 mg
Vasaka 50 mg
Bel Mool 50 mg
Kamal Phool 50 mg
Pushkarmool 50 mg
Kakra Singhi 50 mg
Giloy 50 mg
Harar 50 mg
Bhumi Amla 50 mg
Jivanti 50 mg
Amla 3 gm
Sarkara 4 gm
Excepients Q.S.
Preservatives Q.S.
Ashwagandha 200 mg
Gokhru 100 mg
Vidarikand 100 mg
Varahikand 100 mg
Safed Musli 100 mg
Satawar 100 mg
Jaiphal 25 mg
Javitri 25 mg
Shudh Shilajit 50 mg
Kawanch 40 mg
Beej Band 40 mg
Vang Bhasm 10 mg
Swarna Vanga Bhasma 10 mg
Swarna Sindhura 11 mg
Sidh Makardhwaj 10 mg
Kesar 2 mg
Preservative Q.S.
Karpasa 1 gm
Mukulaka (Pista) 1 gm
Taja 1 gm
Akarkara 2 gm
Javitri 2 gm
Jaiphal 2 gm
Vatada 2 gm
Daruhaldi 5 gm
Ashwagandha 5 gm
Kuth 5 gm
Malkangini Beej 5 gm
Lavang 5 gm
Petroleum Jelly Q.S.
Water Q.S



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