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Blood Circulative Massager


It has a whole host of other benefits like ;

  Improves muscles strength and performance.

  Increase flexibility and range of motion.

Enhance conventional training results.

  Speed Training recovery.

  Accelerate weight loss.

  Reduce Lower back pain.

  Enhance pain reduction.

  Improves collagen production.

  Reduce appearance of cellulite.

  Eliminate the effect of stress.

  Enhance critical blood flow throughout the body.

  Increase secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair process, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) IGF-1 and testosterone.

  Increase bone density.

  Increase happiness hormone serotonin & neurotrophine, as substance that supports our thinking process.

  Decrease cortisol level.

  Rehabilitation injuries and ailments.

  Enhance explosive strengths.



Human being has been put endless efforts for easier and healthier life. Mainly, the people dwelling in the metropolitan cities are workaholics. Through conscious of the importance of exercise people could not divided time for a routine exercise.

People belong to sedentary groups falls the prey of neurasthenia, heart attack, arthritis etc. In short, physical inactivity leads to bad blood circulation, which has been described as the main causes of several diseases.

To get rid of all these problems Teleone introduce for you a scientific equipment called Blood Circulative Massager. The massager vibrates the whole body of the user. The great thing is that doesn’t seem to stress to the body like other forms of exercise. The short and sweet of it is that BCM shakes your weight away. Users regularly report losing substantial weight when using the BCM. The ‘BCM’ works, by sending a sinusoidal. (Sine wave, i.e.; periodic oscillations of constant extend of vibration waves)

Vertical wave through your entire body. This wave cause reflexive contraction of your muscles. The muscles contract at a rate of 30-50 times per second.


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