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Hair Building Fiber

2,750.00 Products Specifications

  1. shampoo : One bottle of 100 g
  2. Hair Spray: One bottle of 100 ml
  3. Hair Fiber: One bottle of  22 ml




Directions of Use:  A. Hair Fiber:

  • Shape the hair (Before Usage, make sure you have dry hair)
  • Sprinkle the hair building fiber on the sparse hair area until you cannot see the scalp.
  • Shape the hair carefully with your hands so that the hair Fibers can completely penetrate the hair.
  • Apply hairspray on the hair from 8-12 cm away and then shape the hair. B.   Hair Regrowth shampoo:

Use about 2ml 2 times a day at the areas where there is hair loss and massage with your fingers gently to facilitate liquid penetration.




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