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Key Remote Camera


Key Remote Camera

Your Digital Life System’s Key chain Camera is a hand-held device that lets you conveniently arm and disarm your system when you are in close proximity to your home with the touch of a button. The remote is battery-operated and features 2 buttons for arming and disarming your system.



It looks like a standard car remote and also it has a quality of Hidden Video & Audio Recording facility what looks like a standard car remote, is actually a high resolution covert spy camcorder for completely security surveillance on the go.

It is easy to carry Key chain Camera to capture video, audio and pictures that too in a hidden way. With the help of this you can easily trace people who involve themselves in cheating , fraud or demanding bribe or for any other suspicious activity. This Small Device helps you a lot in emergency like misbehave with females to punish the guilties. Key chain camera looks just like a normal remote which also allows you to collect proofs to prove something.

Weight —— 18 gm


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