About Jyotiskymart

Agni Prash

Our goal is to bring the best and most innovative products to customers in India. As a leader in the multi-channel direct marketing of consumer products, we strive to offer quality products that meet the highest expectations of our customers. jyotiskymart vision is to be the leading marketer of innovative consumer products launched through direct response television and sold through multiple distribution channels across India.

Every product that jyotiskymart Online shopping is offering to its valuable customers is prepared under the expert guidance and supervision of a team of qualified professionals and are well researched & tested before it is offered to our customers. Our products command extensive media coverage on some of the most popular Television channels.

jyotiskymart Online shopping is already enjoying its leadership position with a long list of partners spread in different parts of India and the company is further planning to reach out to other growing cities in India and across the globe too. The company has a Centralized Marketing Support center that supports the marketing team and helps them reach out and meet the customer requirements.

Our Mission

For our customers, we aim to be India’s leading Teleshopping company by providing real effective solutions to boost your overall life condition so that you can start enjoying your life. Solutions which are genuine well researched and tested and of the highest quality possible. We are a customer-centric organization and we provide our customers round-the-clock services. Our customers can rely on us to provide unparalleled products. Our aim is to provide genuine & well-researched products to all our customers.

Internet Strategy

jyotiskymart Online shopping provides its customers the convenience of ordering their products via telephone as well as via internet by going to the products page. The visitor can check out complete details including price, usage instructions, TV commercial of the product etc and then can make the purchase. Our online store is growing rapidly and we are working towards upgrading and updating it to make it the preferred shopping destination for our customers.